RF Connector's Cables Are In Space

Lighthorse Technologies, Inc. would like to congratulate NASA and Northrup Grumman on the successful launch of the Antares rocket. It has sent the Cygnus supply ship on its journey to the...

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New IPX Board to Board Connectors from LTI

June 26, 2011 Lighthorse has added a surface mount jack (LTI-IPXSF66GT) to to our line of IPX series connectors. This board to board mount connector mates to our SMT Plug (LTI-IPXSM66AL) along...

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What is RF?

what is rf, radio frequency

RF is an acronym for “radio frequency”, which consists of electromagnetic waves that oscillate in the radio spectrum in frequencies of 3 KHz to 300 GHz. Frequencies in these ranges are...

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