LTI offers 75 ohm Bulkhead BNC Jacks for PCB termination

December 19, 2008

BNC photo75 ohm BNC jack connectors are available from Lighthorse Technologies Inc. This BNC connector features a nickel plated, zinc alloy metal housing for optimum shielding up to 1 Ghz. These 75 ohm BNC connectors provide low signal distortion for audio and video applications such as CATV and CCTV. Press fit forks for wave solder termination and rear mount configuration allows for a secure, 15.8mm profile, low loss connection to a PCB (printed circuit board). The LTI part number is LTI-7BSF54HNPM-F. These connectors are in stock and ready for immediate delivery from Lighthorse Technologies Inc's facilities located in San Diego, CA.